This article was posted on the On Location Photography Website. Thanks so much to Karin Fuire for making me a case study!

Having a presence on your website, social media platforms, and in print is critical to your business.

Yet just having a site or a Facebook page doesn’t mean much if you are not connecting with your audience. You make the connection through your copy and images.

While I can’t help you with your copy, I can certainly help you with images – specifically the images of you.

Here’s a case study to give you an example.

Rosa Easton is an author who (at the time of this article) is in the process of publishing her first book.* To support the launch she created a website, a Facebook Page for her professional persona, and Mailchimp account in addition to the other social media platforms she already had.

I met with Rosa to discuss the kind of image she wanted to project for her personal brand. After all, she is building a brand that will be very much in the public eye before, during, and long after her first book is launched.

Showing her attributes

Rosa used adjectives including, warm, welcoming, natural, friendly, fun to describe what she wanted viewers to see through her photos. Her goal was to connect visually with her followers and the readers of her blog so that they would want to get to know her, and follow her journey.

Based on the outcome she was trying to achieve, I recommended several shooting locations and helped her select the outfits that would work best.  I coached her through the session so that her warm and welcoming personality would reflect in the images.  I did not have to teach her how to smile, though.  That comes naturally because Rosa is all of the adjectives she listed.

During our time together I took close to 100 photos in three different locations. After much deliberation and feedback from family, friends, and other authors, Rosa chose three different images to show her personality and establish her brand. Here they are in place on  her Facebook Author’s page, her website,  and in Mailchimp.

Rosa Easton Facebook Page - Image by On Location Photography

Professional Facebook Page


Rosa K. Easton Home Page branding - On Location Photography

Website home page


About Page - On Location Photography

Website About page


Rosa K Easton Mailchimp Header- On Location Photography

Mailchimp Template


I can’t wait to see which image she uses for her book jacket!

Represent Yourself!

Professional headshots and promotional images make a world of difference for every business or creative person. I’m sure you’ve seen photos on Linkedin or Facebook and wondered, “What were they thinking when they chose that profile photo!” That’s certainly not what you want anyone to say about you.

Let me help you establish your personal brand so you connect with your audience through an image that projects your best qualities.  Contact me.

Did you connect with Rosa through her photos? Leave me a comment below.


*Echoes Across Time is the story is about three generations of a Korean family – Rosa’s family to be exact – but it’s really about fighting to hold onto one’s identity while navigating extreme cultural change, and finding who you are and where you belong.

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Karin is an amazing photographer. If you are in the Los Angeles area and are looking for images to help you build your brand, contact her. You will be as thrilled with your shots as I am with mine.

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