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My novel-in-progress, White Mulberry, is inspired by my grandmother’s immigration to Japan in the 1930s. Miyoung, a spirited Korean girl, chooses education over an arranged marriage and navigates discrimination and war in an unwelcome new country. My mission is to amplify voices that have been overlooked and spur others to explore and share their own family stories.

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Rosa Kwon Easton

Three Generations – One Family

Rosa Kwon Easton's Father & Grandmother

My paternal grandmother and my father in 1943 during WWII and the Japanese Occupation.

Rosa Kwon Easton with parents and siblings

My parents, brothers and me taken in the mid-70’s after we settled into life in California. I think this photo is still on display in my parent’s home.

Rosa Kwon Easton with husband and children
This is a family holiday card photo taken at our home outside of Los Angeles in 2010. Daisy is the star in her white coat!


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